Connecting UK homeowners to Ukrainian refugees

Whether you are a UK homeowner who is looking to offer accommodation to someone in need from Ukraine OR if you are a Ukrainian refugee looking for accommodation in the UK, this app helps you to connect-up & get to know each other so that you can apply to the UK Government's "Homes for Ukraine" scheme.

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UK homeowners

We understand: you want to offer space in your home to people fleeing Ukraine but you don't know anyone, specifically, which is an issue because the UK Government need you to have a "named person" in order to complete their application form.

Simply list your profile on the app, including your accommodation details and your preferences, and the Ukrainian refugees will find you on the same app.

Ukrainian refugees

You are looking for a UK sponsor so that you can apply through the UK Government's "Homes for Ukraine" scheme, right? You will find a list of UK homeowners on the app just waiting for you to contact them.

Browse through the list, select the hosts that match your preferences/needs, and simply press a button. We'll do the rest by sending your profile details via email to those hosts. If they reply, you can get to know each other and see if you are a good match. From there, together you then follow the UK Government's process for applying online.

Free to use

The app is free to use for both UK homeowners and Ukrainian refugees alike. This is our small contribution to helping people in need at the time of war as well as our fellow British citizens looking to find refugees to sponsor.

Free for UK homeowners

$0 /month

✅ Create a free Profile & listing

Include your preferences

Show/hide your Profile any time

Keep your contact details private

Find your "named person"

Choose to whom to reply (via email)*

*Once you do reply to someone, since you will be doing it via your own email program, you will be sharing your email address at this point.

Free for Ukrainian refugees

$0 /month

Create a free Profile

Browse for accommodation

Find the hosts that suit you

Contact the hosts with a 'click'

Only reveal your email address*

*This occurs when you press the "Register your interest" button for each listing and it is the only time you share any contact details to help protect you.

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Create your free profile from your phone.

It takes less than 3 minutes.

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